Sign Household Name Clients Without Lifting A Finger

The Authority Agency team will become your new business department, finding and signing high value clients for you and your team

Does this sound like you?

If you’re an established agency that can’t find the right quality of new client and is struggling to grow, you might be concerned about any of the following issues:

Over reliant on one main client

If you have one main client that is making up over 40% of your revenue, it can make you feel very vulnerable. What if they leave or reduce their spend?

Can’t establish a reliable source of high quality leads

It can be incredibly frustrating if you have no reliable source of new high quality leads. This makes forecasting for the future and planning investments almost impossible.

Unable to identify what makes your agency truly different

The agency market is saturated, and all agencies are in a constant battle to differentiate themselves. No clear point of difference means a constant battle on price.

Revenue and profit has stagnated for past 12 months or more

Stagnant revenue can become a worry quickly and places far too much pressure on client retention. In an uncertain world, we need to see growth - if we're not growing, we're dying.

What’s in the Authority Agency Growth Service?

When you become one of our Growth Members, here’s what you have access to:

First Class Content For Your & The Agency

Every day of the week, we will create first class content for your top leadership personal brands and agency company pages on social.

High Quality Prospecting Lists

We curate high quality lists of dream prospects based on your strict criteria of clients you want to work with.

360 Re-Positioning Strategy

Before we begin, we will work with you to ensure that we can create a rock-solid position in the market – creating your very own Market of One.

New Opportunities Every Week

We’ll help you open new opportunities every week and book them as ready-to-buy appointments in your calendar.

World Class Sales Team To Qualify & Close Leads

For those that need, our sales team becomes part of your agency’s business development department, qualifying prospects and signing clients on your behalf.

Live Dashboard & CRM To Track Campaign

We give you access to our AACE Dashboard and CRM so you can always follow the latest of your campaign and see the value of your pipeline.

Here’s how we can help you scale:

Clear Distinct Positioning and Value Proposition

A rock-solid value proposition that clearly shows the world what makes you different, who you are set up to serve and why clients should work with you.

High Quality Meetings Being Booked Consistently

A calendar full of high quality meetings and new opportunities being opened for your agency every single week.

New Household Name Clients You Are Proud Of Working With

High quality clients brought into the agency that your teams can be proud of working with.

What's the value of the Growth Service & who is it for?

Our mission is really simple. Connect talented agencies with household name clients. Here are a few of the clients our clients have signed working with us:

Here’s how the Authority Agency Growth Service works

What you can expect when you become a client of ours.


Our team of positioning experts will work with you to craft a succinct positioning that creates a Market of One for you and separates you from every other agency out there.

Value Proposition

Off the back of your refreshed positioning, we’ll help you to craft a captivating Value Proposition that instantly explains who you serve and how you help.


According to your strict targeting criteria, our team will build a high quality list of target clients for us to base our campaign around.


We’ll create first class content for the personal brands of your top leadership, your company pages and will support you in running thought leadership events.


Our highly experienced sales team can handle discovery calls and even sales pitches for you, leaving you to simply onboard new clients once they’re won.


As new clients come in, we’ll help you to strategically scale every part of your agency, including team planning and recruitment.


Growth Service
£3,500/mo + VAT
360 re-positioning strategy
First class content for you & your agency
High quality prospecting lists
New opportunities every week
World classs sales team to qualify & close leads
Live dashboard & CRM to track campaign
Get started
The Academy
£600/mo + VAT
Thriving community of agency owners
Group strategy & check-in calls every week day
Unlimited 1:1 access to our coaches
First class agency growth strategies
Authority Agency Sales Process
All-in-one campaign engine
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Customer testimonials

5 Stars

"Since working with Olie, we've grown to 60k+ months really consistently"

Sam Winsbury




5 Stars

"We've actually grown our monthly re-occurring revenue to over 600% than it was before"

Elle McMahon



The Ticket Crowd

5 Stars

"Since working with Olie, we've onboarded about 150-160 thousand dollars worth of new revenue and we've taken our conversion rate from probably somewhere around 50/60% to well into the 80% plus"

Phil Pelucha



Billionaires In Boxers

5 Stars

"Since working with Olie about 7 months ago, well the first 3 months, we managed to double monthly recurring revenue and we have literally just finished our biggest project to date, which was an ad campaign and that was kind of using Olie's process that he taught us."

Ozzi Sanderson



Seen Agency


How quickly can we get started?

We take on 4 new clients per month, and the first month is a positioning phase. In this time, we hold workshops with you and your team to ensure we can carve out a unique position for you in the market before we begin our campaign.

What strategies do you use?

We have 3 core strategies; Personal Branding, Network Building and Thought Leadership. Within each of these strategies we have a number of different tactics. Our overarching philosophy is building authority around you and your agency.

How long is the engagement with you?

We love to work with our clients for a long time, however, our initial engagement is a 30 day Positioning Phase followed by a 90-day sprint campaign. After the 90 days we review the strategy and optimise the campaign before we continue.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we have a Love It Or Leave It Guarantee. Up until the end of the second month of working with us, you can ask for your investment back. We want you to see that we are willing to split the risk with you… Although no-one has activated this guarantee to date.

Do you take our sales calls too?

We can do yes. For most clients, we take the initial qualification calls to ensure that you only speak to pre-qualified prospects. We are happy to take sales call on your behalf too, and our sales team is highly experienced.

How much ad budget will we need?

Our strategies are totally organic, and you don’t need any ad budget to get started. Although we use paid media for ourselves, and are happy to support you doing the same, it’s important to note that this is not necessary to sign larger clients.

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